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Trust only the best in trace analysis.


High purity acids for sample preparation and trace metal analysis in ppb quality.


Custom solutions and reagents

made according to

your specifications.


Ready-to-use solutions,

reagents, salts and standards

for chemical analyses

in the laboratory.


Unsere Kalendermotive

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2023 Bernd Kraft becomes AnalytiChem

Our and therefore your recipe for success: Ready to use.

Since December 2022, we, the former Bernd Kraft GmbH, have a new name and are now operating as AnalytiChem GmbH. What will change for you as a result? Nothing. Except that we, and thus also you, have an extended product range at our disposal. Because as AnalytiChem GmbH we are also part of the globally operating AnalytiChem Group, which gives you access to all products of our sister companies. Our family of companies is getting bigger and the world with its range of chemical products is getting closer for you in an uncomplicated way and with the quality you already know from Bernd Kraft. We are just still – ready to use.

All AnalytiChem®-Benefits at a glance

Reduce time, risks and costs.

We produce ready-to-use laboratory chemicals for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Optimum packaging solutions.

We select the right packaging options for each customer that are easy to use and already contain pre-measured quantities.

Maximum occupational health and safety.

We convert highly concentrated, hazardous basic materials into safe or less hazardous solutions and deliver them to our customers. 

Reduce waste.

Thanks to our ready-mixed laboratory chemicals, you have no residual chemicals requiring expensive disposal solutions.

Legally compliant documentation.

All AnalytiChem® products are reliably rated by our experts in line with the currently valid chemicals regulations and are supplied with labels and safety datasheets.

Highest quality standards.

Every one of our products is manufactured to customer specifications. They are checked in our testing laboratory accredited in line with DIN ISO 17025. 

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