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From the ruhr area
to laboratories around the globe.

Steelworks, coal dust covered faces, dark clouds of smoke rising from chimneys, bratwurst and bottled beer. That’s what people associate with the Ruhr Area in the West of Germany. Miners used to greet each other with the traditional call of “Glückauf”. Then came the transition, and one of the closed-down collieries, the Zollverein, is now an industrial monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site. But other sectors have prospered. The Ruhr Area’s largest employer is now the chemical industry, and nowhere else in Europe is there such a dense landscape of universities. And AnalytiChem, with its two locations in Oberhausen and Duisburg, is right in the middle. For us, the spirit of the coalmine lives on: if you need our support, we’ll be there to help.