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Fast and custom-made
even in the smallest of batches.

AnalytiChem maintains a stock of more than 10,000 ready-to-use laboratory chemicals – as a basic stock, so to speak. What fundamentally sets AnalytiChem apart from competitors is its customizing: producing solutions and reagents according to customer specifications. In the initial analysis phase, our specialists will work with you to develop an approach to your challenge. After only a few days, you will receive a complete offer for a new, custom-made product, containing not only the pricing but also the formulation, along with the manufacturing and testing regulations, as well as the quality and safety documentation (MSDS), including labelling. You can get the finished product immediately: we do not have minimum quantities and even deliver the smallest of lots promptly. This is made possible by our own delivery service, which allows us to offer a range of services unique to the industry.

Multi-element standards
save time and costs.

In trace analysis and quality control, absolute accuracy is pivotal. Expensive excess quantities, dosing errors and expired shelf lives cost time and money. To prevent all this, you can have your standards custom-made exactly to your requirements and specifications. Decades of experience speak for themselves. Our database contains 1,600 active formulations for multi-element standards.

Laboratory chemicals
the way you need them.

We prepare your reagents how you need them: quickly, reliably and reproducibly – even in the smallest of quantities. Quality made in Germany.